Organic Manganese

Manganese is a necessary trace element for animals, which plays an important role for animal. It is essential for cartilage formation and the reproductive system. Manganese deficiency and excess have a great impact on animal growth, development and reproduction.

In the past, Manganese was added to feed mostly in the inorganic form, for example, Manganese Sulphate, but very few of them was absorbed by the animal body as most of them were excreted and this cause cost problem and environment problem.

Now, we are good position to offer the Organic Manganese products at the form of Manganese Glycinate and Manganese Methionine.

The Organic Manganese is the third generation of trace mineral feed additives. They are manufactured with metal ion bound to amino acid molecule which form ring compound with proper structure. This organic ring compound is very stable when passing the pre-intestinal volatile environment which allows the organic manganese to reach the target organs and tissues to maximize the utilization of trace minerals. At the target organs or tissues, the Organic Manganese is absorbed as a whole molecule by the way of peptide path and amino acid path. Meanwhile, the metal ion was bound into a complete molecule and this reduces the antagonistic functions. The best bioavailability of Manganese then will be well ensured.