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TetraBasic Zinc Chloride

TetraBasic Zinc Chloride

Tetrabasic Zinc Chloride

Tetrabasic zinc chloride (TBZC) has less heavy metal contamination than other Zn sources such as zinc sulfate (ZnSO4) and ZnO. Diet supplemented with TBZC has low oxidation risk during storage due to the low hygroscopic capacity of TBZC. The relative Zn bioavailability in TBZC is one to two times higher than that of feed-graded ZnO. As a result, the TBZC is an effective growth promoter requiring a lower dose concentration than that of ZnO and with less fecal Zn excreted into the environment. TBZC has shown a stronger anti-diarrhea effect at a lower Zn dose compared to ZnO used in pharmacological doses in weaned pig diets, which is due to its better ability to reduce intestinal permeability and prevent the disruption of barrier integrity. Therefore, TBZC would be a good source of inorganic Zn supplemented in weaned pig diets.

Product Name: TetraBasic Zinc Chloride
Other Name: Zinc Oxychloride, Basic Zinc Chloride
Molecular Weight: 551.85
Molecular Formula: Zn5Cl2(OH)8·H2O

Specification of Tetrabasic Zinc Chloride (TBZC):

TBCC98% min.58% min.20ppm max.10ppm max.3ppm max.

Characters of TetraBasic Zinc Chloride (TBZC):

1.It offers highly efficiency for the zinc source with excellent benefits for the growth promotion;
2.It Improves the intestinal health and diminishes the diarrhea of piglet.

Suggested Dosage (into complete formula feed):

SpeciesTarget Suggested Dosage (into complete formula feed)
Swine Piglet 70g~150g /MT
Fattener 70g~180g /MT
Sow 70g~180g /MT
Poultry Broiler
50g~200g /MT
Ruminant Dairy
60g~300g /MT
Aquaculture Fish

The above suggested dosages are based on general animal condition as far as we know and these are only for your reference. For the actual required dosage please get instruction from your nutrition advisor.

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