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Our Company:

After having played a great role in domestic market for years, Wuhan Pharma Chemical Co Ltd started to offer service to international customers from 2009. The major business consists of two parts, one is different types of organic trace minerals in animal nutrition, and the other is compound amino acids and proteins originally intended to provide raw materials to the former one. The plant is located in the eastern suburb area of Wuhan city in China.

In-house laboratory has already been built to ensure the quality for every batch of delivery. A certain sum of funds on the R&D for better technologies and new items has been invested every year and thanks to this, the product quality has been improved better and better and the manufacture capacity has been developed year by year.

Professors and experts from famous universities in Wuhan have offered very good support to the manufacture technology, which has ensured the quality of the outputs. A local third-party laboratory, as independent quality supervision, has also served us for years to test the qualities as per request.

In past years, we have had good relationship with companies from the world with the products of organic trace minerals in animal nutrition, and we already had strategic partnership with some world-known big companies in this industry.

The plant is in good position to offer custom manufacture upon the request from customers, as the prolonging in the existed product series, or as trial production for some new product(s). Any such request will be warmly welcome.

During the past years, good relationships have been established with customers from all over the world and any new enquiry or visit is highly appreciated. Welcome to Wuhan Pharma Chemical Co Ltd.

Organic trace minerals in animal nutrition

Our Advantages:

20+ years of experience on research & experiment;
5+ experts from famous universities & academy;
10+ years of experience in international sales & after-sales services;
Strategic Partnership with world-known big company.